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with four individual lash styles to choose from, we got you covered from 'I woke up like this" to "daaamn girl".  

forget looking like daisy the cow, we're all about them Kardashian vibes.



I woke up like this... classic lashes are the most natural looking extensions, they give a chic uplifted mascara'd look. Not suitable for those with sparse lashes.



hybrids are a 50/50 mix of classic and Russian volume lashes. They give a natural whispy, slightly fuller lash in comparison to classics. 




Our lash girls are always pushing the boundaries. Inspired by our favourite strip lashes, the spiky Russian combines multiple layers of varying texture to create the ultimate dense and fluffy lash; varying from medium to full depending on the look you desire. 




Also known as 3d volume - Russians involve your lash tech creating a bouquet of lashes, fanning out two or more extra lightweight lashes and placing them onto a single natural lash - yes girl we got skills.  This lets us achieve the fullest, fluffiest sets possible for a look thats extra glam.